Whether you are looking into care options for your aging parents or you are planning for your own future, it can be overwhelming learning about assisted living. If you have a loved one suffering from dementia it can be hard to think about finding them the care they so desperately need.

Finding an assisted living home that specializes in dementia is important as your loved one will have specific needs. Let’s look at some of the ways patients with dementia need specialized care when entering an assisted living home.

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Day to Day Care

Because dementia patients lose their memory progressively it can be challenging for them to remember daily tasks such as taking medicine and personal hygiene. At an assisted living home, caregivers are trained to help residents remember these daily tasks so they can stay healthier and happier. In addition to simple tasks like these assisted living facilities offer meals each day and caregivers ensure residents are eating enough to stay strong and healthy.

Progressive Care

Assisted living also offers the benefit of progressive care. As your loved one’s condition changes, the level of care progresses with them, making it a less stressful environment for residents. It is important to have a professional keeping an eye on the day to day status of a loved one, so they can call the doctor when necessary to adjust medications or catch major problems. Your loved one’s needs will change as their dementia progresses but you can feel confident their level of care will adjust to meet their need.


In addition to medical care residents at assisted living homes have the opportunity to engage in social and enrichment activities. Whether it is art, dancing, or day trips, having activities to engage in can help keep residents active and healthy. Assisted living homes have staff trained to help residents lead a full and active life without risking their health.

Looking for an Assisted Living Home in Maryland?

Making the transition to assisted living can be difficult for all parties involved, but you can rest easy knowing that for patients with dementia it is a safe and beneficial alternative to home care. Kenwood Care offers assisted living care in Columbia, MD to patients in all stages of dementia.

Our professional team can help make your loved one at home while ensuring they are getting the care they need. If you have a loved one who is struggling with day to day tasks because of dementia, give us a call today!

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