Caregiving Challenges your Parents Didn’t Have

It is the natural progression of life that as we age, so do our parents. As we balance our full time jobs, relationships and raising children, we are now also faced with the daunting prospect of caring for our parents. The sandwich generation are the caregivers that...

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5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Care

There are many ways a family may arrive at a decision to seek assisted care for their loved one. Sometimes it happens when the person starts to struggle with everyday tasks. Other times, the family realizes that even having a caregiver is not enough, and their loved...

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What is Included in Assisted Living Care?

As you are looking for senior care solutions for yourself or your loved one, you've probably come such terms as residential care homes, adult group homes or sheltered housing. But in essence, all of them refer to the same type of service—assisted living. Assisted...

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What is Hospice Care?

At some point in our lives, almost all of us come to know of hospice care one way or another. Maybe we have a relative who received hospice care, or maybe we saw it mentioned in a brochure in a doctor's office. But until we actually need hospice care for ourselves or...

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What to Look for in a Maryland Senior Care Facility

When it comes to Maryland senior care facilities, there are plenty to choose from! A brief search on the Internet will spit out at least a dozen results that all look like viable options. But that's until you take a closer look. Not sure which criteria to use when...

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What Are Residential Care Homes?

If you have been researching Maryland senior care facilities for your loved one or for yourself, you probably came across many different terms used to describe these establishments. There are nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living communities...

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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a long-term care solution for seniors who don't require 24/7 medical attention, but could use help with their daily living activities. To receive such care, a person has to move to an assisted living facility specifically designed and equipped to...

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